Maintainance of Tile Floors

Tile floors are easy to maintain, durable and versatile, making them a very good choice of hard floor for your hosue. As with wood floors, keeping tile floors in top condition requires only a small amount of maintenance. Plus, tile floors are also waterproof, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Learning to clean tile floors properly will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle in the future, because good cleaning is the best protection for any type of floor. Here are some tips for cleaning tile floors.

Routine maintenance

Frequent sweeping or dry mopping of tile floors helps keep the contained floor free from dust and debris particles. Although tile floors are generally very durable, they can still get scratched by hard objectives like rock and metal. Scratches on the tiles can dull the floor. It is important to remove splashes and stains on the floor as soon as possible, as they can stain caulks between tiles. While tile is stain resistant, caulks are more permeable and difficult to clean.

Weekly maintenance

Clean floors with an effective tile floor cleaner and a microfiber mop. Weekly cleaning with a tile floor cleaner will help remove any blot that dry mopping alone can’t remove. Avoid traditional mops and buckets, as dirty water from the mop can seep into the cement. While there are a variety of tile floor cleaners available on the market, many require a rinse after cleaning before putting the floor back into service, so make sure to follow instructions of the cleaners.

Monthly maintenance

Polish tile floors to restore their protective coating and make them shine like new. The polishing process is very simple and does not require the use of any professional tools. Floors should be polished every 1 to 4 months, depending on foot traffic. It is a procedure that can be done at home to not only help protect the tile floors but also make your house bright and beautiful.